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Cantine Nicosia

cantinenicosia_0002The history of Cantine Nicosia – a vinery from the Etna area and also an ambassador for the Sicilian wines in Italy and abroad  - has a strong link with a beautiful territory and with an antique wine tradition.
In 1898, the grandfather of the current owner, opened the first wine shop in Trecastagni, on the eastern slopes of the Etna.
Today - after more than a century – Carmelo Nicosia and his sons are the leaders of the company, with a yearly production of two million bottles of wine.
Although the number of bottles produced, the company keeps to be strongly focused on the tradition and on the respect of the environment.
Nicosia believes that the best way for an long term development is to keep together tradition and high tech.
Best examples of this concept are the brand new wine cellar and the vineyard located in Mt. Gorna (Trecastagni). In the wine cellar it is in use the newest technology, but - on the other hand - the strongest attention to the tradition is the keyword in the vineyard, where the original structure of the vineyard has been kept same as it was in the past and in some part has been recovered considering how it was since the origin.cantinenicosia_0003
The Etna vineyard is inside the production area of the Etna DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) and so the grapes produced are the Nerello Mascalese and the Carricante.
Beside this, the company owns also a vineyard in Vittoria (in the province of Ragusa), where the company produces Nero D’Avola, Frappato and Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico. This vineyard is located inside the area of the (DOCG) Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin “Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico”.
Nicosia’s wines are sold with two main brands, the Nicosia Selection and Fondo Filara wine selection.
The winery is also member of the Movimento Turismo del Vino and has the aim of promoting wine tourism and improving the Etna wine area.
Nicosia offers services for visitors and tourists, such as wine tasting, visits of the wine cellar and tours of the vineyard “Monte Gorna” (winner of the Vini Milo award “Vineyard of the Etna 2009”).

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Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG Fondo Filara - Cantine Nicosia

Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico a denominazione di origine controllata, alc. 13,5%
[Product Details...]

Etna bianco DOC Fondo Filara - Cantine Nicosia

Etna Bianco a denominazione di origine controllata
[Product Details...]

Etna Rosso DOC Fondo Filara - Cantine Nicosia

Etna Rosso Fondo Filara, vino rosso a denominazione di origine controllata
[Product Details...]

IGT Sicilia Catarratto Manna Sicana - Cantine Nicosia

Catarratto Manna Sicana ad indicazione geografica tipica Sicilia
[Product Details...]

Nero D’Avola - Cantine Nicosia

Nero D’Avola ad indicazione geografica tipica Sicilia Nicosia
[Product Details...]

Zibbibbo - Cantine Nicosia

Zibibbo Nicosia ad indicazione geografica tipica Sicilia
[Product Details...]

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