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Salvatore Cunsolo

SalvatoreCunsolo_img2The farm Feudo Don Cirino is located on the slopes of Mount Etna, in the territories of Ragalna and Santa Maria di Licodia.
Cunsolo’s family is his owner since 4 generations.
Salvatore, the current owner, has transformed, modernized and specialized it.
Our products are:

  • - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP “Monte Etna”;
  •  - Wine, mainly from “nerello mascalese”;
  •  - Prickly Pears “Bastarduni”;
  •  - Pears, of “Coscia” quality.
The olive grove has an area of approximately eight acres and includes more than a thousand trees, including some trees in an excellent state of vegetation.
Cultivation is completely organic, both in products and in techniques.
The farm is monitored and certified:
- for biological by Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification (ICEA), identity number IT ICA D62V;
- for DOP by Agroqualità.
Furthermore, it is part of the Consortium for protection of DOP Mount Etna and it is part of the Regional Project “Improving quality and environmental impacts of production of table olives and olive oil” - Community rules CE 1331/04.SalvatoreCunsolo_img3
Our flagship product is extra virgin olive oil from organic agriculture: “L'Olio dei Saraceni” Feudo Don Cirino DOP Monte Etna.
It is packaged in the following formats:
Lt 0,25; Lt 0,75; Lt 1; Lt 3; Lt 5.
Our philosophy has never been based on sales but on good product; that is the best product for families.
In fact, since 4 generations Cunsolo’s family have never been directed towards the trade in itself, but towards an attitude of participation and enthusiasm: “Our product is good, let’s enjoy it together”.
Even the choice of the biological is a choice of returning to tradition, the grandparents did not use poison.
Besides being a choice of consistency: we will never eat foods that can damage our health, then, our products must not be harmful.
Customers are friends, not buyers; with them, we try to quality a relationship of friendship and familiarity.
We all joined the campaign and tradition, respecting a family’s rule: “When someone come, we set the table”.
Like for the ancients, in fact, for us hospitality is sacred and to eat together is part of the ritual oil.
Because for us to “make olive oil” is still a ritual.

Olio Monte Etna biologico - Salvatore Cunsolo

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Monte Etna

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