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Trading Sicily

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The Chamber of Commerce of Catania is an independent public body that supports and promotes the functional and economic activities in the area by providing services, development strategies and projects, for a balanced growth of the local production system.

Created in 1852 at the request of the most prominent economic actors in order to contribute to the prosperity of Catania and Sicilian trade, the Chamber of Commerce has developed a strong commitment in promotional activities for the development of the area and businesses, even in contexts in which international trade is part of like the present project, favoring the establishment of processes and technical cooperation and trade with foreign countries.

In addition to performing their official duties of administrative and demographic services that are the core activities of the chamber, over the years the Chamber has taken a key role in the development of the productive system through funding research, consulting services and personalized assistance, the promotion of brands and products, the organization of exhibitions and exports of food products, industrial and handicraft.


The project


The new scenarios of tpanoramahe global market are making the Italian small and medium-sized companies to face a new and important challenge: develop economic and trade relations with foreign countries.
Looking beyond national boundaries, in fact, is becoming a popular choice among the companies that manufacture high quality products, operating in niche markets with a lower intensity of competition. This has become a strategic priority, which enable them to stay and be competitive on the market. Within such a complex context, the chambers of commerce play an important role
in facilitating the access, the participation and the development of enterprises on foreign markets, by providing assistance services, information and promotion.
To meet the  growing need for internationalization of local entrepreneurship, the Chamber of Commerce of Catania, in collaboration with the Cha mbers of Messina and Palermo, promotes market penetration for small and medium enterprises active in the food industry in Kazakhstan market.
The project New markets for the Sicilian economy emphasize the excellence and uniqueness of the regional production system as an attraction factor, able to foster the birth and development of commercial relations between companies and foreign partners, promoting the knowledge of the territory, as a factor for boosting the economic and business opportunities internationally.
The Chamber of Commerce of Catania, in the framework of the project New markets for the Sicilian economy, organizes outgoing missions abroad and incoming missions in Sicily, activities designed to strengthen local agro-industrial reality, by encouraging the penetration projects, one to one meetings between qualified businesses and traders.
The project becomes, therefore, an important tool for enhancing the local system, with a view of trade policy and globalization.


The agro-food resources

The food system represents for Sicily not only an important industry driving the economic growth of the island, but it is above all the tangible expression of the wealth of natural resources, traditions and culture of food and nutrition.

Most if not all areas which are  part of the agro-food sector find their strengths, competitive advantages and differentiating elements on one hand in the climate conditions and natural resources of the territory and on the other hand in the culture and popular food traditions; the first are reflected in the quality of the productions of the primary sectors of agriculture, farming and fishing, the second ones are reflected in the processing, storage and preparation of foods based on ancient receipts, revised and updated in the light of modern production technologies of 'agro-industry; thanks to these elements the Sicilian agricultural and food production have a remarkable variety of elements of intrinsic quality that are adequately evaluated on international markets as an obvious territorial connotation, increasingly recognized by consumers.


Today, the Sicilian agro-food production system is complex and consists of a variety of industries and sectors, from primary production to the food processing and other sectors connected like equipment, quality services , distribution, food tourism, etc..); in this context it is increas ingly growing the tendency to network, but this trend has been reinforced in many cases by aggregation in manufacturing districts.

Today in Sicily there are active 11 districts related to geographical areas or sectors characterized by high concentrations of quality products and excellences in horticultural sector (Ragusa), in citrus fruits - red orange (Catania, Siracusa and Ragusa), in olive sector (Western Sicily), in quality fruits and vegetables (South Eastern Sicily), in table grapes IGP (Mazzarrone, Catania and Ragusa) in wine sector (two districts covering the entire island), in floriculture (Sicily), in cereals sector (Sicily) in the fisheries sector and fishing tourism (Trapani and Palermo), in the field of industrial fishing (Sicily)

Within the sector, agricultural production has historically represented and still represents the largest component of the entire agro-food production thanks to the two areas of citrus fruits and vegetables, which represent the most important concentration of manufacturing plants in Italy; however, the agro-industry is having a continuously growing importance and represents a key player in the Sicilian agro-food system: the companies involved in the project are all part of the processing sector which is in a continuous growth.

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